Expand 101 – RH Orange

Expand 101

The course is built around a format of teaching and practice on subjects such as:

The Kingdom of God: What is the Kingdom of God and why did Jesus speak so much about it? What exactly is God inviting us into regarding His kingdom here on earth and what kind of impact will it have?

The Holy Spirit: Who is the Holy Spirit and what is His role in our lives and in the Kingdom of God? How do we attune our hearts and minds to Him?

The Gifts of the Spirit: scripture talks about the many gifts that God gives to His children and how they are to be used to build up the church. What does that mean for us? How do I know what gifts he has given me? We will be doing a spiritual gifts assessment to help you understand what God has given you.

How Do We Pray? ROCKHARBOR has a model of prayer that is based on listening for God in the midst of praying for others. We will discuss what this looks like and practice it so that you are equipped to do the same for others.

Personal Prayer: What does it look like to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord through prayer?

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