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Luke: Zacchaeus

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What is impossible with man is possible with God.

What changed Zacchaeus was simply the presence of God. Being seen and known by Jesus had a profound impact on his life. Everything changed after one encounter with Jesus.

When Jesus makes it know that Zacchaeus has entered the Kingdom, the impossible became possible and the camel passed through the eye of the needle.

Jesus is revealing to the world that the marginalized have access to the Kingdom through repentance.

The Holy Spirit works uniquely in all of us. Jesus invites us to let go of our money and resources and is calling us into a faith that will leave us expectant for God to move.

Faith = Abandoning the impossible and trusting that God can overcome any obstacle.

Jesus is calling us to relationship where we can push through any obstacles to be in the presence of Jesus in the same way Zacchaeus pushed through the crowds to find Jesus.



Scripture:Luke 19:1-10


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